Raising a reader

Raising a reader

This season in life is leading to a major mom goal, igniting the love of reading into my toddler!

Technically, it started since I first become pregnant where I dreamt of quiet days sitting with an open book, fully captivated, amazed and involved as I shared my love of reading with my son. But that’s not my reality, at least not yet.

We are currently trying to find a balance between a reading routine and not seeing it as a chore or even a punishment, where he can have a healthy, loving relationship with books. For now, I’m sowing small seeds as we work on our bedtime reading routine and being intentional with planning our bookstore trips.

“Children fall in love with books because of the memories created when they snuggle up and read with someone they love.”

As Fall approaches this moms heart is getting emotionally ready to start our school journey. My heart is looking forward to seeing him learn, grow and socialize with children his age. This reality led to setting a goal, reading…all Spring/Summer long!

Which brings me to share the reason I love being a part of the Barefoot Books community that promotes early literacy and I’m beyond thrilled to join this Summer’s Reading Club with my little guy!

Mom friends, sign up below ⤵️ and join me as we help and encourage our children to dream, grow and learn this Summer! It’s a FREE reading program that provides tips, tools and fun printable activities including a Parent and Educator Guide through Barefoot Books to walk us during this season.



Angely De Leon


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