Encouraging The Heart

Encouraging The Heart

A huge reason why I decided to put my fear aside and plant seeds of Gods love through writing is to encourage and speak life into the hearts of my readers, including myself. It’s so easy to be discouraged when life happens, it’s so easy to lose track of our goals, plans, and dreams because along the way we encounter discouragement.

For so long I tried to quiet the whispers of writing because it meant being known, vulnerable, transparent and honest. I knew I was living small. In fact, I remember reading how we’re actually doing a dishonor to God when we don’t use our gifts and talents to shine for His glory. That rocked my world.

A seed was planted that day and I couldn’t quiet that voice any longer. I knew that saying “yes” to starting a blog meant digging in the dirty and allowing God to plant good soil in my heart. And although my purpose of this blog is to inspire and encourage you to live a life of purpose, right where you are, it also serves me as a reminder when I face discouragement to seek Him through the gifts He has given me.

0024-534x800The truth is, we will face discouragement through every season in life, and whether we do it intentionally or not we’ll turn to the next best thing that will offer encouragement to us. Not realizing that we carry that same power within. God has blessed us with talents and gifts that are meant to shine for His glory. Start searching within, because chances are whatever you’re seeking, you’ve already been gifted with them!

As I wondered how I would end this love note, and as I wrapped up my reading of Make It Happen by Lara Casey, she wrote something so powerful that I knew I had to share it with you!

“Friend, your gifts – the seed of purpose God has given you -matter. Maybe those seeds won’t grow into fruit-bearing plants that provide for your family, but they might make beautiful flowers that attract bees and make life beautiful, blooms that refresh the soul and can be given to others, spreading joy. And who knows, maybe those gifts would provide for your family- and a whole lot of other people- if you would just give them a sunny spot in your life and some basic nutrients.”

-Lara Casey

Be a light, share your gifts with every heart you touch.


Angely De Leon