A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart

I write this as I sit next to my son who is deep asleep, wondering where to begin. As I look at him all these memories and emotions are starting to fill my eyes with tears of joy to just think of the many ways this little soul has stretched my heart and all the work God did and continues to do in my heart that led to this blessing.

Coming to the realization that all these days, all these moments I will never have again only lead me to live a life that places God at the center of my days. In Him I find peace, comfort and renewal as I reflect on the blessings that being the mother to my son has poured into my life. There’s true comfort in knowing that He leads me through all the different seasons of motherhood that my heart will ever experience.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Psalm 127:3

Through my son I found purpose, through my son I see life with fresh eyes and I realize how important it is to leave our children a part of us. Through my personal love notes to him and through these words I leave my son a piece of my heart to read when I can no longer express my love for him.

As mother’s we all have a gift to offer our children and it goes beyond our daily routines, accomplishments and far greater that anything this world can ever offer our children. A mother’s love.

My sweet little love, you are the greatest love my heart has ever known and I am blessed to be your mom.


Angely De Leon